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Terminology database
TERMDAT is the terminology database of the Swiss Federal Administration. It contains some 400,000 entries in the four official Swiss languages – German, French, Italian, and Romansh – and in English. The database contains Swiss legal and administrative terminology as well as many other domains, such as education, energy, finances, commerce, industry, informatics, culture, agriculture, medicine, defence, natural sciences, politics, technology, telecommunications, environment, transport, and economics. The focus is on Swiss legal and administrative terminology. Most entries belong to systematically developed thematic glossaries, however, TERMDAT also contains ad-hoc entries. In addition to terms, definitions and remarks the database also provides useful information on the terms, abbreviations, titles of legislation, the names of Swiss and international authorities, institutions and organizations. TERMDAT is run by the Terminology Section of the Swiss Federal Chancellery.
Chiara Messina